Useful tools and resources for genetic genealogy

Tools for genetic genealogy

As well as trees and chromosome mapping, the site hosts:

Shared cM Tool Updated

An interactive tool to show possible and probable relationships based on centimorgans shared

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Beta version with updated probabilities

What are the Odds? Beta v2

A tool to use the shared cM from multiple matches to test out hypotheses

Create a new probability tree

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Cluster Auto Painter

Takes your cluster file and segments files and generates a chromosome map with the segments grouped by cluster.

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Inferred segment generator

Copy and paste the segments that you and a close relative share with a DNA match, and this tool will output just the segments that you do not share with the match.

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cM estimator New

Enter the chromosome, start, and end positions and this tool will calculate an estimated number of centiMorgans (cM) to one decimal place.

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Individual Match Filter

Paste in segments, and the tool will return the segments and total filtered cM according to the criteria you set

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Cluster Formatter

A simple tool to extract a CSV of clusters and matches from your Genetic Affairs or MyHeritage autocluster output.

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